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Workshop 4 is extremely slow during start

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  • Workshop 4 is extremely slow during start


    I have been using Workshop 4 for a long time now. I have noticed that the start-up time for Workshop 4 is prohibitively long, sometimes in the range of 4-5 minutes. I use this on a Windows7 system, with a 2Ghz Corei5 processor. My Project is 4DViSi project.

    The other big issue is the Huge Flash image that pops up each time Workshop 4 starts. There should be a way to disable Flash image pop-up for the user. Specifically, when the "Destination" is chosen as "Flash" in the Project settings, a dialog box appears just before the Workshop 4 actually becomes active. This dialog box says that, since Destination is Flash, Flash write cycles shall be affected, and then expects the user to press "Ok", before Workshop4 is usable. The Huge flash image though, covers this dialog box, leaving only a small portion of the "Ok" button usable.
    The whole experience is extremely annoying to the average user, who may have to start and restart Workshop 4 more than once during the workday.

    Please see images attached that showcase this situation.

    Please suggest what can be done about this? Can you send me another version of the Workshop4, where I can disable this Flash Image and it has a shorter Startup time ?
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    Hi Vishal,

    May I know the current version of your Workshop4? As you may read in the Workshop4 Release Notes, there is a fix for for Slow startup of Workshop4 if certain platform lists selected. Can you update your Workshop and see if the error is still present?

    Hope this helps and Best Regards,


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      Hello Eran,

      Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded the latest version

      The startup has not improved much. It is still in the range of 3-4 minutes. The biggest annoying factor is that the Flash image is put right on the topmost layer of Windows. So no other work can be done by the user until Workshop4 becomes usable. Only Windows Task Manager can be put on top of the Flash image, rest everything is covered almost completely by the Flash image. I am not worried about the slow startup, as much about the Flash image blocking access to other programs (such as the web browser through which we access emails etc) for the user. Please do something about it. Please find images attached showcasing the above situation.

      Best Regards,
      Vishal Sapre
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        The flash is displayed in the 'traditional' way. This means it has 'stay on top' set. I see that a lot of apps don't do that anymore, so we will investigate changing that.

        But we also need to understand your 3-4min startup, on my early model i7 it takes 3.0 seconds to start up. On an even more ancient i3 it takes 3.7 secs.

        So your startup time just doesn't make sense.

        Can you add a few more screengrabs from Task manager, eg, the 'Processes' and 'Performance' tabs, a couple of typical ones from each, if you can?

        What happens if you temporarily disable your AntiVirus product before starting Workshop?


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          I am responding to this after a Loooong time. Pardon me for that. However, I have recently changed my laptop, to a new Windows 10 with 8th Gen i5 processor. The start up time has definitely improved. But it is still in the range of 1 mins. The other issue I am facing is that the Splash Screen hides a dialog box, with, luckily, only the corner button visible. Unless we press this button, the splash screen waits forever. So, for example, I have to stay with the app until this dialog box shows up and then press this small button (part of button) to get the whole thing going.

          I strongly believe, that we can live with anything, except this Splash Screen, which forms the top layer of the display and hinders working with any other app, while Workshop is coming up. Please help. Screen grab attached for your perusal.

          Workshop is:

          Thanks and Best Regards,
          Vishal Sapre

          Click image for larger version  Name:	flash_screen_nusance.jpg Views:	0 Size:	250.4 KB ID:	71248


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            It looks like you are opening a project as workshop starts, is this because you have double clicked on a project in explorer, or do you have the environmental 'Reopen files' option set?

            How long does workshop take to open if there are no project(s) to reopen?

            I think the message might be 'Designer Default Destination is FLASH, Flash write cycles will be impacted' which you can turn off in the designer Options tab. REGARDLESS, I have never seen this message behind the splash screen, normally it replaces the splash screen until you click 'OK'

            As per a previous question that doesn't seem to have been answered, What happens if you temporarily disable your Anti Virus?

            Note that there is a new Version of Workshop available for download, although this will not affect your issue, as you are still the only person reporting this.


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              Hi Mark,

              Thanks for the prompt reply.

              I will try to answer the questions:
              1. Yes, I do double click on the .Visi project to open it via Workshop.

              2. If there are no projects to open, Workshop opens pretty fast and goes to the "Files" page directly. On this page, there is a list of recent projects on the right. My last project is listed there, but if I try to double click on the project name...Workshop simply goes into an inoperative if a program is stuck in an infinite loop. The Files page keeps showing as it is. And since the whole thing is stuck, I cannot open any other App on windows, because everything is blocked on screen. So, with experience, I learned that If I start the Workshop by directly double-clicking on project file, Workshop eventually opens up.

              3. I do not have any antivirus on this machine. On this new laptop, there is Windows Defender which is running default.

              4. I am now working with Workshop Same behavior.

              Can you provide a switch (external setting an environment variable), to disable the splash screen, or at least disable it within say, 5 seconds.

              Best Regards,
              Vishal Sapre


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                As I said before the splash screen is only there whilst Workshop is starting up, it is not there for any measured period of time.

                So, I'm thinking your ViSi project is huge and that's why the Splash stays there for a minute.

                But I'm confused as to why you would then say 'Workshop simply goes into an inoperative state....', you mean if you wait a minute it doesn't come back?

                Please use file, Zip project after you have opened the project, I guess, 'the only way you can' and send your project to mark at 4dsystems dot com dot au.


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                  I have sent an email with a link to my google drive, where the zipped file has been uploaded. Its interesting to note that neither these forums, nor Gmail allow attachments having zipped archives.
                  Is there any other safe way to bundle multiple files in a blob and send across, on Windows ?

                  Best Regards,
                  Vishal Sapre


                  • James_4DSystems
                    James_4DSystems commented
                    Editing a comment
                    Hi Vishal, just commenting on the zip file part. This forum does accept zip files, they just have to be under 60MB I believe the limit is. How big is the file you are trying to attach?