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I am very new in 4Duino

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    Peter, I have been having similar problems and I would like you to try one more thing before giving up on the 4Duino. I would like for you to make the changes in the picture I uploaded. This has seemed to give me much better stability with the 4Duino. It doesn't work 100% of the time, but hitting the reset on the 4Duino during errors has worked wonders for me. Let me know what happens. Best wishes,
    Charles Moore Click image for larger version

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    • peter.hanak
      peter.hanak commented
      Editing a comment
      Hi Charles, unfortunately I have not success with this board so I had to switch to another.

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    Hello Guys,
    finaly my 4Duino Board was deliverd but now i have a problem and i can't get rid of. I followed the Quick Start Guide....
    1. Arduino IDE (was allready installed)
    2. Installed the 4Duino Board in Arduino IDE
    3. Installed the Workshop IDE

    My 4Duino gets regotnized on the USB and I also can communicate with the Board over the serial monitor BUT.....
    if i try to upload a sketch the IDE starts uploading and the 4Duino seems like its booting new.
    So USB loses his connection to the board and the sketch upload fails.

    Is there somebody who maybe can help me with this?

    Thank you Guys,



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      Hello Florian,

      As I've previously mentioned on this thread, the atmega32u4 switches comm ports during a normal upload sequence.

      That should explain this

      .....4Duino seems like its booting new.
      So USB loses his connection to the board....
      You may check post number 28 for more information on this.

      Could you please send the error message instead?

      To avoid further issues, it may be helpful to ensure that there is no other device connected to your PC other than your 4Duino-24.

      Best regards,