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Power Setting for uUSB-MB5 and 4D Programming Cable

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  • ESPsupport

    The utility in the link link has been superceded by this one

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  • Atilla
    started a topic Power Setting for uUSB-MB5 and 4D Programming Cable

    Power Setting for uUSB-MB5 and 4D Programming Cable

    This link contains a nice little utility program to increase the power (current) available for the uUSB-MB5 as well as the 4D Programming Cable. Default is 100ma. Up to 500ma is available on a USB port but the device must ask for what it needs from the host i.e. from the PC.
    Here is how to do it:
    • Connect the uUSB-MB5 to the USB port.
    • Unzip the file into a folder, name it anything you like.
    • Run the application "CP210xSetIDs.exe".
    • A window will open up with lots small selectable boxes, we're only interested in "Max Power (2 mA Units)"
    • There you'll see a default value of 32 (this is in hex, dec=50)Each increment of this value will provide an extra 2ma of current from the PC to the uUSB-MB5. So if we want to draw 200ma we need to enter 64 and for 300ma we need to enter 96 and for 400ma enter C8 and so on.We can be greedy and go for the maximum so we need to change the value of 32 to FA. You can do so by highlighting this value with your mouse and typing FA. Maximum allowable current is 500ma for a USB device, so do not enter anything more than FA otherwise the setting will take effect.Once the desired hex value is entered for the current we need, tick the small box next to it.Now click on the "Program Device" button (large button on the right hand side). Make sure the uUSB-MB5 is attached to the USB port. This action will program the USB power descriptors within the uUSB-MB5 with the power value that was entered.Now close the application.
    The above procedure only needs to be done once. So the next time the uUSB-MB5 is attached to the USB port, it will receive the appropriate current from the USB port.

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