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Re-generate code to link display forms and widgets, etc

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  • bernadette

    It's good that you're able to get it. If you need more reference, you can refer to the Samples that is available in the Workshop4 for 4Duino.

    File > Samples > 4Duino

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  • frankbicknell
    Nevermind I am getting the hang of it.

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  • Re-generate code to link display forms and widgets, etc

    I am trying to create a new project. The first time I created the project all of the code in the aduino section was generated for the widgets. I have now added new widgets but the support code is not getting generated in the arduino code. Also I have changed the name of the project file and it is still trying to find the support files on the SD with name of the original file. I tried deleting all of the lines in the arduino code file related to the display widgets, etc thinking it would get regenerated when compiled bit it is not.
    What am I doing wrong?
    Do I have to manually add the support code for the widgets in the arduino code section?
    Do I have to start a new project from scratch and get everything right the first time?
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