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Coding arduino to communicate with 4D screen

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  • Coding arduino to communicate with 4D screen


    Preface: I am Dentist, attempting my first coding experience, to build a Digital level. Link to project can be found here. I apologize if my questions or comments seem in-cohesive or uneducated, please try to find it in your heart not to rain on me (:

    The components:
    1. Uno board
    2. MPU6050 gyroscope
    3. 4D uLCD-28DT display.
    (clickables to specific product page)

    After a bit of reading through the code and contacting the author of one of the filters being used, I have a second code where component (1) and (2) are working properly and repeatedly. I can see on the serial monitor cohesive values that represent the movement I put on the sensor. However there is no communication between (1)(2) and (3). (3) was flashed according to the project file, when plugged into the Adaptor Shield shows the proper gauges/numericals but nothing is moving on the display when the sensor is moving.

    After reading "ViSi-Genie Connecting a 4D Display to an Arduino Host" I made sure they are both using the same baud rate. But actually I cannot compile the correct code that satisfies (1), (2) and (3) to work together. It's either new code (1), (2) working and displaying on the serial monitor. Or (1) and (3) code complied successfully but (2) shows no values either on the serial monitor or on (3). The new code is missing the communication programing found in the old code, I tried copy/paste but it cannot compile.

    Any advice would be highly appreciated! And if you're looking for a Dentist in NY, I gotchu (:


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    Hello Adam,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Are you using the 4D Arduino Shield?
    The Arduino sketch that you have linked uses the Arduino pins(2 and 3) to communicate through the 4D display.
    On the 4D Arduino Adaptor Shield, I assume that you have a jumper connecting (RX and D2) and (TX and D3).

    If you are not using the 4D Arduino Shield, could you describe how are you connecting
    the 4D uLCD-28DT display and the Arduino board (a picture would be great).

    I hope this helps.

    Best Regards,


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      Please find attached a picture of all 3 components - Yes I am using an Arduino Adaptor Shield (Rev 2.00). My jumper wires are connected via H1.
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        Hello Adam,

        Based on the image that you have attached and through looking on your 4D Arduino Adapter Shield,
        you are using the D0 and D1 as your RX and TX.
        But since the arduino sketch uses the Software Serial (2,3) to communicate with
        the 4D display, the RX and TX must be connected to D2 and D3 of the 4D Arduino Adaptor Shield.

        Please see attached image.

        By doing this, the pins (2 and 3) of the Arduino is configured to be your Serial port (RX and TX).
        Now you should be able to communicate with the display.

        Please let me know if that resolved your problem.

        Best Regards,
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