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    Hello I am hoping to get some guidance on this subject.

    I have a large project that I am porting over to the 4duino from another device. There are approximately 3000 lines using about 90% of program space. Previously I used the arduino ide to develop the project. I made extensive use of the tab feature and it is so helpful I really hate giving it up.

    I know I can still do it using the arduino ide but it seems like it would be very cumbersome and there are some issues with the way the auto format re-formats some of the 4duino code for example the %%Display%% directive gets changed to % % Dispaly % % and causes an error at compile time.

    I there a way to work with this module using the arduino ide that does not create compile errors? Also which part of the 4d workshop would I use to just create and save the graphics files?