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GEN4-ULCD-32DCT-CLB-AR Startup Guide or display type Problems

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  • GEN4-ULCD-32DCT-CLB-AR Startup Guide or display type Problems


    i just got my display and try to start with my arduino. Following the startup guide, i created a new project, put some controls on the form0 and compile it. Files are also copied to the SD card. The Workshop IDE programs the arduino and (perhaps) the display. Then i put the SD card in the display. But nothing happens with on display. The startup guide says it should instantly show the grafix. After trying many things, i tested to create an project for a similar display type without "AR" in its name: "GEN4-ULCD-32DCT-CLB". Did it the same way, but choosed "Run RAM" in the ide under "Project". After compiling that, the grafix is instandly displayed on the display.
    I want to use the display with my arduino, why does it not work with the right display type in the ide?

    Best regards,

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    Hello Teimo,

    I'm Sorry if you're having issues with our product.

    The Arduino Compatible environments in the Workshop 4 IDE is used to program the Arduino directly.

    This forum thread explains that in much more detail:

    32PTU-AR, what did I just buy ?

    If you have more inquiries on programming our displays, you might want to consult our Application notes.

    Application Notes

    This particular application note explains how you could connect our displays with an Arduino:

    ViSi-Genie Connecting a 4D Display to an Arduino Host

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,