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IOD9 SD card problem

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  • IOD9 SD card problem

    Hi All,

    I would appreciate some advice on the issue I have with the iod9 TH , SD card
    I have been using the Arduino IDE to download programs and this has worked successfully.

    The problem I am having is getting the SD card read successfully.
    I formatted the 4Gb SD card that came with the iod9 TH kit using the 4d workshop RMPet and an SD card reader, in the way that the adjacent help describes
    I have loaded an image into the 4d workshop and then loaded and compiled a program that simply displays the image.
    The workshop found the card in the SD reader and successfully loaded a .gci and .dat file to it.
    I then use the Arduino .ino file with the Arduino IDE and upload the sketch to the display.
    Finally, I install the SD card.
    The Arduino IDE seems to load the sketch successfully, but nothing displays on the screen!

    The USD tester in the workshop doesn't seem to be able to detect the SD card, although I am not sure if this is because I haven't properly set up the Arduino IDE with the workshop as the Arduino comms tab also doesn't detect the display on the correct COM port.

    Am I missing a critical step please?
    Many Thanks

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    Hello Al,

    The uSD tester only works for the gen4 core displays.

    Are you sure you've shown the images on your program? did you use the img_Show(); function?

    Are you getting any error message?

    Best regards,


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      Hello Michael,
      I don’t get any error messages, but I’m also not using the function you mentioned!
      i thought that the gfx.userimage() function would display the image - am I looking at the wrong set of functions ? Could you point me in the direction of the functions for this board please?
      Thank you


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        It unusual for images not to display.

        Usually you would have the command gfx.Open4dGFX(); in your void setup() and use the filename of the created graphics on the SD card without the extension. eg

        Files on SD card



        and then you can use gfx.userimage() to display the image.

        One thing to check is that the filename in Open4dGFX is the same as on the SD card.

        You could post your code here for us to try if you like if you are still having problems.

        Best regards



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          Thanks All,
          Problem solved!
          Not sure exactly what it was, but I think I had written the images to the .dat and .gci files using userimage, but was trying to show them using userimages.
          Thanks very much