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43DT - Video Converter Issues

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  • 43DT - Video Converter Issues

    I am trying to create a simple splash video into using the uLCD-43DT for a video that is in the .wmv format. The original file size of this quick 8 second video is 1.42mb and I have the timer start the video and play, which then moves to a form. This all is working fine. My issue is that when I select the original video and go into the video converter screen the file size of the video output comes out at 59.77mb. When I load the video on the display the video runs very very slowly, frame by frame. What am I doing wrong? The settings on the input are 480 x 272 FPS30 and the output is 480 x 272 (start frame at 10 and end frame at 250). I have been playing around with the frame delay and have set it to 1-35 (currently I have it set at 34) - the Est Size is showing 59.77. Again it loads onto the display fine, but when the video starts is plays very very slowly like it cannot handle the size of the converted video. Could you please let me know how to fix this so it play on the display at the speed it is supposed to? I think the video, once on the display plays it so slowly (frame by frame) it takes about 2 minutes to finish the 8 seconds video.
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    If you would look at our product catalog, you would see that the frame rate of the gen4-uLCD-43DT is limited to 9.3 FPS.

    That would explain what you are experiencing right now.

    To avoid this, you could try resizing the video widget.

    If the display has to update a smaller area, this would take lesser time and this would mean a smoother transition.

    You could also try adjusting the frame rate of your video using a third party software.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,


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      Hi Michael,

      Thank you for the reply. I have taken your advice and I have used Adobe Premier to reduce the frame rate down to 6 FPS. The video is choppy, with 1 second in-between each frame as it plays. I see others on youtube that have a video that plays smoothly. What can I do I achieve this based upon my frame rate now at 6 fps and the size is very small? The video file size is now 893kb before loading it onto the display. After loading it shows file size of 10mb.

      Here is a video of someone running a quick video smoothly at full screen. This is what I am trying to achieve -
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        Hello ,

        The size of the video on the link was 320 x 240 (he was using a gen4-uLCD-24DT), this is one factor that makes it play so smoothly.

        May I know the height and width of your video widget?

        Best regards,