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24PTU picaso display not able to download code using USB to Serial CP2102 cable

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  • 24PTU picaso display not able to download code using USB to Serial CP2102 cable

    I recently purchased a 24PTU display module. I could not get the 4D systems recommended programming cable here so I bought this

    It is a CP2102 USB to Serial converter with a RST( RESET) pin. I connected it to the programming cable. Under COMMS the device gets detected when the first time I plug the cable and select the appropriate COM port but then when I hit the traffic light again I get device is not responding error. Now when I hit compile, the program compiles fine but when I hit download I get error device is not responding. How shall I solve this problem. Please let me know.

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    Sorry to say but that one likely wont work.
    RST is the CP2102 reset, which is not the same as the RESET we have on our programmer. RST resets the CP2102, not an output to reset the target processor.
    Our programmer RESET comes from the DTR pin of the CP2104 via a series capacitor and transisitor.

    This is why it's important to buy 4D Systems programmers, as they are not the same as other programmers on the market, as they are specifically for our processors.

    Here is the circuit of our programmer, notice the RST vs the DTR, quite different.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2018-12-10_11-24-37.png Views:	1 Size:	76.3 KB ID:	66282

    You do have DTR on that board, so you could possibly make it work with some more components, but really you should be sourcing the correct programmer.

    Why could you not get the recommended programmer?
    uUSB-PA5, uUSB-PA5-II, Programming Cable, and 4D-UPA (along with a few older ones) can all be used to program this module.



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      The programmer was not in stock from where I purchased the 24PTU display. Anyways though it is a bit costlier I ordered the programmer from mouser now. Should come this wednesday and I will test with that. Thanks for your reply.


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        I am able to compile and download the hello world program but other programs wont download. See this thread.


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          Kindly refer to the solution provided to the link below:

          Thank you.

          Best Regards,