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    I need to interface gen4-uLCD-35DT with some electronics IC's components and sensors
    You give some examples in DIABLO16_datasheet_R_2_0.pdf but it is not complete!
    As mention:
    Note: This example is an illustration of a PulseOut connection from the Diablo16 processor. It is not the complete circuit nor illustrates best practice.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	Exemple of DIABLO16_datasheet_R_2_0.pdf .jpg
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    Have also looked in gen4-uLCD-35D_datasheet_R_1_4.pdf

    But could not find any of the internal equivalent I/O circuitry…
    Click image for larger version

Name:	equivalent circuit.jpg
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    Where could I find such info?
    Yves C.

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    Hi Yves,

    Sorry if you can not find anything you need in the data-sheet because of, it only shows examples and not the complete working circuit.

    Where will you use the circuit you attached?

    At the moment, we have no information you need.
    However, I can help you if you tell me the complete details of what you need to accomplish.

    Best regards,


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      Good Day Kayven,
      Looking to interface the A4988 with Diablo,
      Document in attachment: A4988.pdf
      When pin is program as an input, is it safe to apply +3.3V or Gnd to the pin?
      Does it need a pull Up / Pull Down resistor, if so, what is the recommended value?
      Yves C.


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        Hi Yves,

        Thank you for sharing.

        About your questions.

        When pin is program as an input, is it safe to apply +3.3V or Gnd to the pin??
        It depends on the pin you used as input,
        Typically, device input can be analog or digital.

        In Diablo16, PA0 to PA3 can be programmed as analog input or digital input, these pins are safe to apply voltage not exceeding 3.3V and at least 0V (connected to GND).

        PA4 to PA15 can be programmed as digital input but as analog input it is not available. Also, some pins are 3.3V - 5V Tolerant and some pins are only 3.3 V. I would suggest that you will need to check first the pin description.
        Not all pins can be used as user's GPIO because some GPIO pins are reserved with respect to the display variant (Non-touch, resistive, capacitive, ...) as also discussed here post# 7

        For more in-depth information, please review the Hardware Overview section in the gen4-uLCD-35D datasheet on page 5.

        Does it need a pull Up / Pull Down resistor, if so, what is the recommended value?
        Yes, Pull-up and Pull-down are used to ensure a known state for a signal and to stop inputs from floating when there is no input condition.
        You can use a Pull-up or Pull-down resistor, depending on the availability of value of the resistor you have.

        For the pull-down resistor should have a larger resistance than the impedance of the input circuit as discussed here.
        Normally, 4.7k is enough for the resistor value.

        If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask

        Best regards,
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