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UserButton no detected with I_TOUCH_DISABLE

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  • UserButton no detected with I_TOUCH_DISABLE


    I have some problem with the detection of some UserButtons. My program has four forms and 172 widgets. I have differents files where the widgets are called and showed like for example:

    img_ClearAttributes(pImg, ibtn_key_0, I_TOUCH_DISABLE);
    img_SetWord(pImg, ibtn_key_0, IMAGE_INDEX, 0);
    img_Show(pImg,ibtn_key_0) ;

    img_ClearAttributes(pImg, ibtn_key_1, I_TOUCH_DISABLE);
    img_SetWord(pImg, ibtn_key_1, IMAGE_INDEX, 0);
    img_Show(pImg,ibtn_key_1) ;

    img_ClearAttributes(pImg, ibtn_key_2, I_TOUCH_DISABLE);
    img_SetWord(pImg, ibtn_key_2, IMAGE_INDEX, 0);
    img_Show(pImg,ibtn_key_2) ;

    And after I check if someone press some button using these functions: touch_Get and img_Touched.

    My problem is that i dont detect the press of my btn_key_1 but i detect the other buttons. I have done a remake of my key_btn_1 and then this button is detected but the next one, btn_key_2, is not detected.

    Also add that one of my Forms has approximately 130 widgets ( i don't know if each Forms has maximum widgets).

    I need your help,

    Thank you !!!
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    Welcome back to the forum!

    Have you read the thread discussion found here: UserButton not detected.?
    This thread is probably the same as your concern.

    And might give you ideas.

    Best regards,
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      Yes, I read the discussion of "UserButton not detected" but in my case doesn't work. Any idea?

      Does Form have some limit of widgets ? I use the free version of IDE and I do this question because the program worked perfectly until I added more widgets.


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        At the moment, I have no idea what's really happened.

        If that the case, It would be perfect if you can send me your project, to check and help you.

        Please open your application in Workshop4, go to File, Zip Project and send the ZIP either on the forum or to my email.
        If you do not wish to post it on the forum, please send it to my email: kayven at 4dsystems dot com dot au

        Best regards,


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          Okay, we will send you an private message.

          Thank you!