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  • uVGA-III Module

    Hi, I have purchased a uVGA-III module to use as a terminal output for my RC2014 Z80 Computer running CPM.

    The idea is to send some form of VT100 (or similar) to the new Module.

    What are the system defaults for the uVGA-III? Is it factory configured to the serial slave and if so what baud rate?

    Also, I did order the device with the programming module but it did not come with it. Go figure Amazon... Do I really need that or can I just use one of my TTL FTDI cables to communicate with the device to configure it?

    Peter J. Fischel

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    Hello Peter,

    Welcome to the fourm!

    As stated on the uVGA-III Datasheet, you could program the uVGA-III using any of the 4 environments offered on Workshop4 IDE.

    It should be SPE ready straight out of the box (configured as Serial slave) with the default baud rate of 9600, however, in the unlikely event that it's not loaded with the SPE application, you will need to reload it as specified on this application note.

    We do not recommend using other programming module for our products as this could damage our modules, doing this will result to the nullification of the warranty.

    If you still wish to proceed with doing so, you might find this forum thread to be helpful.

    Best regards,