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RTC (Real Time Clock) with 4Duino-24

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  • RTC (Real Time Clock) with 4Duino-24

    First of all...I have successfully setup and tested my 4Duino board. The sample program "NTP_Clock" works perfectly after changing the IP address.

    I have a project that uses the Arduino Uno R3 and a DS3231 RTC using the MD_DS3231 Library, and it is set up to display the date and time to a 16x2 LCD screen. I wish to convert this project to my 4Duino, but I'm not quite clear on how to do so. I have the RTC connected to my 4Duino pins SCL/SDA/GRD/5V, and to keep things simple I would like to continue using the MD_DS3231 library if possible.

    1. I assume that in order to use the library I need to have it installed in the Arduino IDE, and then include it in the Workshop4 IDE as "#include <MD_DS3231.h>"

    2. The 4Duino and RTC work fine in the Arduino IDE but I do not have the ability to print to the 4Duino display.

    3. I want to use the Workshop4 IDE exclusively but inserting my code that calls the RTC produces fatal errors.

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    Hello Qixxor,

    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm not really sure why this is not working.

    Would you like to send a copy of your project so we could check for possible bugs? If you're not comfortable posting it here, you may send it to me via private message.

    Just to be sure, is this the Library that you're using?

    Could you please send the exact error message that you're recieving?

    Best regards,


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      Hi Michael,
      Thank you for your quick reply! That library is exactly the one I am using. What I did was to install the library into Arduino IDE. Then I opened the Example "MD_DS3231_Test" in Arduino IDE and copied the code to a new Workshop4 project...and the damn thing worked! I've been trying to recreate the error to no avail. If it happens again I will upload it. In the meantime I will continue on with my testing/familiarizing of the 4Duino, and if I find any more questions I will ask them here.


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        Hey Michael,
        I've just about got this thing figured least the RTC timings anyway. All I have now is the setup GUI, a way to store the parameters in EEPROM, and collecting time/date info to the SD for an Excel spreadsheet. But for right now could you help me figure out a way to create a custom character so that I can display the RTC temperature with a "Degree" symbol? Gracias!
        Click image for larger version

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          You can do this with a static text, I've attached a sample project to further demonstrate this.

          Best regards,
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