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Smartwidget Change graphic number by pressing graphic arrow

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  • Smartwidget Change graphic number by pressing graphic arrow

    I'm trying to change a number by pushing an arrow. Can this be achieved using smart widget?

    I'd have up and down arrow graphics and then 22 different number graphics.

    I want to have it go up or down by 1 depending which arrow is pushed. Then that number sent via serial to my arduino.
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    Fortunately, It is possible to achieve using smart widget but lot of time is needed and requires also a PRO license of WS4.

    As you have mentioned you have already 22 different number graphics and up/down graphics.

    Hereby, you could quietly use two User button object and a Custom digits object for your concern as shown below:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	sample.png
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    To send an update from Custom digits object to the Arduino, From the Customdigits's Event Menu, select Report Message for Onchanged Event.

    If you have questions, please don't hesistate to ask here.

    Best regards,


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      Thanks for pointing me in that direction but I'm still struggling.

      For one the User Button Event handler doesn't give me the option to select the digits. I only see Report Message.

      The 2nd issue is the custom digits. I don't see where I can add multiple images.

      I'm using ViSi Genie.

      I looked through the PDF manual but it didn't seem to help



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        I was able to get what I needed by using User images instead of custom digits


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          Thanks for sharing the issue here.

          Another option is, you could use the Report Message of the User button object to control the Custom digits / User images object.
          Arduino should be programmed to accept the command from the display and send back a command for displaying Custom digits / User images objects.

          And Yes, User images object is the thing you need but in some cases, example, when you have large number of images to use, it is impractical for displaying digits.

          if you have time, here is a thread explaining about Custom digit object can be found here: Custom digits overlap

          Hope it helps,

          Best regards,
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