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  • multiple buttons pressed

    Hi to all,
    I need to have a detection of two Userbuttons pressed simultaneously or one pressed followed by the second pressed.
    I have setted the momentary on both but when I press the second button with the first still pressed, it report 0 on the first and nothing on the second:

    value --> Event
    0x03: 1 --> 0x03 pressed
    0x03: 0 --> 0x04 pressed, 0x03 still pressed

    I'm trying to make a function related to a button mix:
    0x03 long press : function A
    0x04 long press : function B
    0x03 short press : increment a value
    0x04 short press : decrement a value
    0x03 + 0x04 pressed: function C

    How can I do with standard Workshop4 (not the Pro) & Arduino IDE to make this possible?


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    Is the problem related to the resistive touch?
    I'm using a 24DT version


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      Hello Diego,

      Is the problem related to the resistive touch?
      I think it most probably is.

      Due to the principle of operation of resistive touch screens, multiple touch is not supported.

      You might find additional information here.

      I would suggest using a different touch pattern to trigger your function C.

      Best regards,