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Using Smart Widgets with Visi

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  • Using Smart Widgets with Visi

    hey i am working with 4 Gen 7' and 4.3' screen. Gen4-uLCD-70DCT-CLB
    i want to start exploring the smart widgets functions, but all the examples are for the ViSi-Genie and i am working with the Visi.
    i need some examples for working the smart widgets with Visi.

    please help.
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    Hello Raz,

    The main difference between the smart widgets and their "non-smart" counterparts is that they are customizable.

    In ViSi for example, the Smart Slider should function similar to a regular slider with the exemption stated above.

    Knowing this, the user only needs to learn how to create his/her own widget and the Application notes on using the default widgets should suffice.

    The Smart widget application notes on ViSi -Genie perfectly demonstrates how to create a smart widget using the Smart Widget editor, this is still applicable on the ViSi environment.

    I hope this clarifies your confusion.

    Best regards,


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      Hello Michael,
      Tank you for the quick reply, ok i undarstand what i need to do ill give it a try and see if i have any questions about that since i haven't been working with all the widgets, only the slider.