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4Duino / Workshop4 IDE comm connection problem

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  • 4Duino / Workshop4 IDE comm connection problem

    I'm new to 4Duino. Followed all the available documentation/videos for getting the board and the Arduino IDE prepped for use. When I launch 4D Workshop I can never get the comm port to see the board. When I re-scan it fails. my Win10 device manager sees the 4Duino on comm 3. I'm using a micro-USB direct to the 4Duino. No comm connection. Any hints greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum!

    First, have you checked the USB cable properly?

    Please check the USB cable, it might be the cause.

    Second, have you followed the instructions shown below? from the datasheet of 4Duino-24 on page 15?

    1.) Download the 4Duino packages to the Arduino Environment, just open the Arduino IDE >> File Menu >> Preferences >> paste to the Additional Boards Manager URL's field then hit the OK button.

    2.) Install the packages, On the Arduino IDE, navigate, Tools Menu >> Board >> Boards Manager.
    Simply click on the listing for 4D Systems AVR Boards by 4D Systems and click the Install button.

    Basically, the Scan button on the WS4 works only with Diablo / Picaso range of displays, while 4Duino is programmed in the background with Arduino IDE so, Workshop4 can not really detect it and cause confusion when using our other range of displays as shown below.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	communication.JPG Views:	1 Size:	119.3 KB ID:	66835

    To test your 4Duino, try to upload a blank project, just navigate, File Menu >> New >> 4Duino >> Basic Graphics, then save the program and click Comp'nLoad. This should easily compile and upload in this scenario.

    Best regards.
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      Hey there,
      i am struggeling with the same problem like chiliBot. Only difference is that my 4Duino is communicating with my Workshop and Arduino IDE (Serial Monitors have a connection).
      Everything i have done so far is like in the Post above like the manual says.

      My Problem is that i can not upload anything to the 4Duino. When i start the compli and upload i can hear the USB disconnection sound and the 4Duino powers down. Like the port gets reseted,

      Can somebody help?


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        That's a strange one.

        It would be great if we have a copy of the video of your 4duino uploading setup using the WS4.

        Can you provide to us a sample video that showing your setup?
        This will give us ideas about the issue.

        Best regards,