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Updating program stored on the SD

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  • Updating program stored on the SD


    I am currently working on a rather big project, using Visi. I am reaching the 32kb size, and I am looking for some workaround.

    Here is a description of what I currently have :

    I coded a very program, that basically holds a Menu, used to select between 5 "app".
    These apps are independants, so I don't really need to have all of them coded in a single program.
    However, I need to be able send updates to the customers, that they can load from USB (no SD card access).

    Here is the solution I imagined, to gain some space.
    - One main program, to allow the user to select which app he wants to use
    - Five individual 4FN/4XE files, stored on the SD

    This way, my app are stored on the SD, and the main programe remains rather small (display menu, and file_Exec() the relevant 4FN/4XE when needed).

    My problem here, is that I still need to be able to send updates to my customers. While updating the main program is not a problem with the FileLoader.exe, how can I update a single 4FN/4XE file stored on the SD ?

    Hope that this makes sense.


    PS : By update, I don't mean any graphic modification, but mainly bug fixes.

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    Hello Vincent,

    Have you come across this thread:

    File Transfer over serial (Programming) cable Utility

    If your planning on loading or deleting files from the uSD card without the conventional process of taking it out of the display and plugging it into your PC, this utility should be helpful.

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards,


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      This looks like exactly what I was looking for !
      This post needs to be more visible. I have been looking for options before opening this post, but I only managed to find "4DSystem solution is very limited in memory" type responses ...

      I am not able to get the software to run correclty, but I will switch to other post for support.

      Thanks !