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Question about serial connection through gen4-PA

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  • Question about serial connection through gen4-PA

    Good morning. I'm trying to get serial communication to work with an PIC32 development board. I have my PIC TX line connected to the header pin marked RX on the gen4-PA. I do not have the micro-USB port on the gen4-PA connected, i have powered the uLCD-28D with 5V/GND to the appropriate header pins on the gen4-PA. When i scope the levels on at the (PIC)TX/(gen4-PA)RX pin i see nothing when the PIC is transmitting. However when i disconnect the gen4-PA from the PIC i can see the TX serial data just fine.

    Do I have to configure, or power the USB/serial bridge on the gen4-PA in order to use the serial input header pins on the gen4-PA? It looks like its sinking all the PICs output current.

    Many thanks.

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    When interfacing to other devices the gen4-IB is often use than the gen4-PA.We have appnote for serial interfacing of 4D display module to PIC18F45K20: you might want to check these out for reference.

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