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change initial form during runtime

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  • change initial form during runtime


    is there any way to change the initial form? So that another form appears after restart.

    thx for replays.

    I'am using Workshop 4 Pro.

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    Hello Andi,

    If you want to have another form appear after restart you can do so by using Genie Magic. Since you've said that your using Workshop4 Pro this is readily accesible to you. I've attached a sample code for reference. I hope it helps.

    Best regards,
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      Also I forgot to add that there's a simple way to change the form.
      This process will get the host to change the form. This however may cause some flick to the default form first before it changes to the new one, thus you can just have the initial form set to blank Form in WS4.

      To do this first you go to toolbar and then Initial Form, just select the drop down menu and choose the form that you want.

      I've attached a sample image as a reference.

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        Hello Bernadette,

        Thanks for your answer. Your second post is clear... But I have to change the Initial Form during runtime (to change this by user)

        Could you explain your code from the first answer? I See only "activateform(1)"... I cant beleave that thats will change the Initial Form?

        Best regards Andi


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          Hello Andi,

          The sample code that I gave to you demostrate the use of the uSD card as non-volatile memory so that the program "remember" the last Form even after several power cycles.

          When you press the corresponding button to each form it will change to the designated form that you want to go to, thus having the "ActivateForm()", this function activates the form specified by the parameter. The "ActivateForm()" function is a callable functions this is a function available within Genie that may be use to the Genie Magic user.

          You can check this link to ViSi-Genie Reference Manual for additional ref:

          Chapter 6: Genie Magic Callable Function

          As for the code use to program the uSD card, you can refer to Diablo16 Processor Internal Functions Reference Manual under Media Function : .

          Also you can check this appnote for further reference:

          You can just modify the code depending of course to your need.

          Best regards,
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