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Multiple Presses with WinButtons

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  • Multiple Presses with WinButtons

    Hey Everybody,

    I have figured out how to interface the microLCD-24PTU with an Arduino Uno (ultimately going to an Arduino Pro Mini). I am using the serial.h library for comm's and everything works quite well.

    The only issue that I am having is upon startup. I used PLUS and MINUS buttons to change a digital display. Nearly every time I press the PLUS or MINUS button the first time after startup, I get some erroneous numbers showing up in the digits. The numbers should increment/decrement with each push of the PLUS/MINUS buttons....not jump to 10.

    See this YouTube video showing the issue:

    Any ideas?

    Also, is there a way to create a default value for the digits? I have stored some values in the EEPROM and cannot seem to have those numbers display upon start-up. But as soon as I press the PLUS or MINUS buttons after startup, it seems to increment or decrement from the previously saved value from the EEPROM. So as the Visi-Genie project changes from Form0 to Form1, I want the digits to read "08"......not "00".



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    Hello Neal,

    This could be caused by an error on your code, however, I can't be sure unless you could provide your project so we could inspect and debug it.

    May I know how your interfacing the display to your Arduino pro mini? Are you using the Genie Arduino Library?

    is there a way to create a default value for the digits?
    You could do this by writing a default value to your LED Digit.

    As soon as you detect a form switch from form 0 to form 1 you could use a WriteObject (if you're using the Genie Arduino Library) to set a Default Value to your LED Digit.

    It might be best to provide us with your project, if your not comfortable posting it here, you could send to me via Private message.

    Best regards,