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Touchscreen from Python (without X)?

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  • Touchscreen from Python (without X)?

    I've got the 4DPI-24-HAT working just fine playing videos on a Pi Zero W using and omxplayer, and my client loves it!

    While I could use the buttons as per the supplied Python code, they are hard to get to in the case I'm using, and I'd much rather use the touchscreen. Is there a way to read the touchscreen with Python code if X is not running? Even just registering "Something touched me!" that would let me use the entire screen as a button would be better than nothing...


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    Welcome to the forum,

    If this is the case, one way is using xdotool which can be found here: Simulate keyboard mouse events using xdotool raspberry pi

    Then, set the cursor location at (0,0) and when the current cursor location was changed, you could start a pop-up message.

    And also, subprocess will help you to execute a xdotool command within a python script.

    Hope it helps,

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      That's a lot of complexity, and I'm not sure how much of it'll work without X running (which it isn't in this case).

      Is there any way to interface to the touchscreen using Python on a device that isn't running X?



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        So I've gotten to the point where I can either:

        A) Read the buttons from Python, send a simple text UI to /dev/tty1, and play a video using omxplayer and


        B) Start X and set/read the cursor position using xdotool and (but I'm unable to play the video)

        But not both. I'd love to be able to add some kind of touch-screen interface to A) above, any chance of a Python (or C or command line) interface to the touchscreen without running X?