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Internal error, object ''xxxxx'' Not found!' 4d systems

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  • Internal error, object ''xxxxx'' Not found!' 4d systems

    I don't know why this error is coming, when i try to build. Does it affect the program?

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    Welcome to the Forum!

    May I know the environment that you’re using? This type of error happens if you’re calling an object that is not present in your ImageControl. Meaning, you may have deleted the object in your form.

    It will be helpful as well if you can zip your code and post it here or send it to john at 4dsystems dot com dot au so I can have a look at your program.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


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      Thank you for the reply Eran. I figured it out, i accidentally put different destination in the event for winbutton.
      FYI: I am using genie environment with 70D touchscreen. (I have workshop pro)

      Currently I am at initial phase but will contact you if got stuck somewhere.

      Thank you again for your prompt response.


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        Good to know that you've figured out the cause of it on your own. We're always here to help you if you encounter difficulties with your project.

        Best Regards,


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          I am sorry I am continuing with the same post but

          I want to display real time potentiometer value with LED digits through arduino. The Pot is connected to an Analog input of arduino.

          #include <genieArduino.h>

          //double = volt;
          unsigned int sensorPin = A11; // select the input pin for the potentiometer

          double sensorValue; // variable to store the value coming from the sensor
          double value;
          double value1;
          double value2;
          double value3;
          float is;

          Genie genie;
          #define RESETLINE 4

          void setup()
          genie.AttachEventHandler(myGenieEvent); // Attach the user function Event Handler for processing events
          pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
          pinMode(CPU1, INPUT_PULLUP);
          pinMode(RESETLINE, OUTPUT); // Set D4 on Arduino to Output (Display Reset)
          digitalWrite(RESETLINE, 1); // Reset the Display via D4
          digitalWrite(RESETLINE, 0); // unReset the Display via D4

          delay (3500);

          void loop() {


          void myGenieEvent()
          genieFrame Event;
          sensorValue = ((5.0 * analogRead(sensorPin) * 100) / 1023);
          if (abs(sensorValue - value) > 0.03)
          value = sensorValue;
          //Serial.println("sensorValue ");
          genie.WriteObject(GENIE_OBJ_LED_DIGITS, 0x00, sensorValue);

          //If the cmd received is from a Reported Event
          if (Event.reportObject.cmd == GENIE_REPORT_EVENT)
          if (Event.reportObject.object == GENIE_OBJ_4DBUTTON)// If the reported message is from a Winbutton
          if (Event.reportObject.index == 0) // If the reported message is from Winbutton1
          if (genie.GetEventData(&Event) == 1) // If the data from the Button is a 1
          Serial.println("Done"); // if i put this then only I am getting the Pot value after pressing the button.