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Problem with 4D-UPA universal 5-way signals

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  • Problem with 4D-UPA universal 5-way signals

    I have a gen4-50DCT-CLB starter kit and am trying to control it using serial environment from an Arduino Leonardo. I'm able to use the 4d-UPA from my PC to send serial commands from the Serial Commander app.

    I soldered a 5 way header to the 4d-UPA group of 5 signals and used the short 5-way ribbon cable to connect to my Leonardo - essentially the setup in Figure 3 of the 4d-UPA manual. The display gets the reset signal ok, but on the first display command issued by Leonardo, keeps timing out and is obviously not receiving any serial data. After a lot of troubleshooting (swapping Rx and Tx lines), I tried the little passive gen4-IB interface board (that came in the starter kit) in place of the 4d-UPA, and this works.

    The only thing I can think of is the 4d-UPA is faulty. Or am I misunderstanding how to use it? I'd like to keep the Leonardo connected to the 4d-UPA via 5-way header, while at the same time keep the 4d-UPA connected to both the display (via 30 pin FFC) as well as the PC (via USB). I realise I could just use the gen4-IB, however if I want to switch to Visi or Visi-genie I'd prefer to use the 4d-UPA.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Should I return the 4d-UPA for a replacement?


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      Hi Pat,

      If you’re using Genie, can you try connecting your Rx and Tx lines on different GPIO pins? This can be found under Files>Options>Genie>Comms Port. Set the Comms Port from 0 to 1 then set your Rx and Tx to your selected Diablo Com1 Pins. You can find the equivalent 4D-UPA pin names to the Diablo16’s on the same datasheet in the Description Section.

      Click image for larger version

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      ​​​​​​​More information can be found on the 4D-UPA datasheet following the Figure 3 that you’ve mentioned.

      You may also read this application note for a step-by-step instruction on connecting an Arduino host to the display:

      Hope this helps Best Regards,


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        thanks I will try this in the next few days and report back. Yes I've already read 4D-AN-00017.