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GEN4-ULCD-70DCT-CLB with digital timer example

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  • GEN4-ULCD-70DCT-CLB with digital timer example

    Recently started on a project that I need a touchscreen with stopwatch timer function and stumbled across the 4D Makers digital timer example.

    Although the link on that example points to the pH meter download, I was able to find the code on the hackaday post and wanted to try it on my uLCD-70DCT-CLR.
    So far I have had no success. The screen locks up with 'Mounting.....'' displayed.

    I have 'programmed' 4D screens before (using the word programmed very loosely - as in drag and drop images and let Rpi's or Arduino do the rest...) and have tested this screen and SD card with a test page consisting of a bit of text and a few buttons, all of which worked fine.

    I scanned through the digital timer code, but other than the first line referencing the model of screen, I couldn't find anything that could be causing it not to work.
    Any suggestions?

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    Welcome to the forum.

    I'll start with the assumption that you were able to follow the instructions
    on how to build and run the sample project. If not, see this link(,
    and click on the IMPLEMENTATION.

    Moving on, I tried to upload the sample program on my end and encountered the
    same problem as you did. Fortunately, I manage to get around it by modifying the
    hndl file names in the ViSi code:

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Capture.PNG
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    Once compiled, you will find a ".dat" and ".gci" files generated at the sample program's
    folder. The name of these files SHOULD MATCH the hndl file names in your ViSi code, similar
    to the image above.

    I hope this helps and best regards,


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      Much appreciated Sherwin. Was looking for a resolution or device reference and looked straight past the obvious - confirming file names for the images.
      Changed the files to 5_STOP~1.dat and 5_STOP~1.gci and it worked perfectly. Will adjust the 4D ViSi file to match.


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        Awesome! I'm glad to know you got it working.

        Best regards,
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