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ULCD32PTU Simulation with Flowcode

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  • ULCD32PTU Simulation with Flowcode

    Hi everyone,
    I am a student in a French school and I am currently working in a school project where I use a 4d system ULCD32PTU. I was able to develop an interface with 4dvisigenie and since we use Flowcode V8 in class. I would like to simulate this interface on flowcode however what I have seen is not feasible so this is why I am looking for help here.
    Thanks for your understanding and good day to you

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    Hello Jordan

    Thank you for choosing our product, and welcome to the forum!

    Unfortunately, it will not be possible.

    The only way to generate ViSi Genie file is through Workshop4 as we have our own software we used for the development of projects.

    Best Regards,


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      Thank you for your answer

      I have made an interface with Workshop 4d with button gauges etc. now I need to make a code to display the values of my sensors on the screen gauges.
      For that I saw a post on the Matrix Forum ( however the post is a little dated I haven't found a more recent one


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        Hello Jordan,

        I have checked the link that you have attached.

        I haven't yet used the flow code software with regards to communicating with our display.

        Although as far as I understand, as long as you have the required hardware the simulation on the uLCD-32PTU should work.

        The sensors are attached to the EB006 programmer which has the 16F877A Microcontroller to send and receive the data.

        So when the simulation is pressed on the Flowcode, it will start to run the script which will get the reading of the sensor and
        transfer the data on the display.

        It will be best if you first check the hardware configuration ensuring all are attached accordingly.

        Best Regards,