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    The last week I bought a microsd target (Kingston SDCIT/8GBSP UHS-I Class 10 Industrial), and today I have tried to do the partition how you explain in your tutorial, and I have some questions:
    • When I do the partition (I have two spaces of memories with 3,85 gB), I connect the screen to the computer and I do the test that explain the tutorial. The result of this is the picture. My question is if the partition is correct and the microsd is able to operate the screen?
    • If the partition was incorrect and the microsd was not worth the test would the screen or the screen would not turn on?
    I have this dilemma because I do not know if it works or not, and I do not want the screen to break down.


    Marc ExpĆ³sito
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    Hi Marc,

    Welcome to the forum!

    For you to know, microSD is mainly used for FAT16 functions of display. This includes managing graphics, text and data, so you do not need to worry because it does not affect the display if something goes wrong on the SD card.

    Please note that not all of your SD card capacity is available, since the average maximum size required for the FAT16 filesystem is approximately 4GB only, so its remaining capacity can not be formatted.

    If partitioning is incorrect, you can not use microSD resources.

    Best regards,
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