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  • gfx.TW function


    Do you have anyone example code for gfx.TW ( text windows ) function?

    I would like to use this function but unfortunately it is working in a wrong way. I have the document for the GFX4D library but it is contain just basic information.
    In my code the text in TW just quick roll up. I think the TW size is much more bigger then need for two lines. I would like to know how can I handling the text in the TW.


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    Hi Peter,

    The TW function was designed to be an automatic scrolling text window which you can just send text to, very much like a terminal window. Is it the automatic scroll which is causing an issue.

    Would it work for you if the automatic scrolling was optional and a command was added to disable the scroll. I could see if it is possible to add this feature.

    Best regards



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      Hi Paul,

      The Text Windows is a handy tool if you ask me and it would be nice if it would be have a command to disable the automatic scrolling function.
      However I found that why it did not does what I would like to.
      But there is another function in GFX4D library what I think would does much more then now. This is the "print" and "println" function. Now it can just print out only a "string". It would be nice if it can print out much more then a string like C# "print" function.