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GEN-4PA with USB isolation

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  • GEN-4PA with USB isolation

    Hi everyone,

    I have found a problem developing hardware applications where I use GEN-4PA for interfacing a PC application with one of the 4Dscreens through USB-(virtual serial port). The GEN 4PA does not provided galvanic isolation between the USB and the screen, so if the hardware application where the screen is used has some transients (e.g. open-close relays...), these transients can affect to the USB-Serial line and I have experience even a RESET of the screen, because of that.

    Certainly the problem is in the isolation, when I place a USB isolator between my laptop and the GEN4-PA the problems are solved. Is there any advanced GEN-4PA with galvanic isolation?

    Best regards
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    Thank you for your feedback.

    We rarely get this kind of suggestions from our customers.

    As of the moment, we don't have other versions of the gen4-PA, I'll pass this on to our product development team.

    Again, thank you for your feedback.

    Best regards,


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      Hi Rafa,

      I am a new user and inherited code from someone who left the company. I think I might have the serial port issue that you described in your post. What is your solution?