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  • IDE more "eclipse style" for Workshop

    Hi everyone,

    I am programming lately a lot with Workshop, mainly Visi and Designer because I use a lot all the peripherals in the Diablo MCU apart from the screen itself.
    Is there any possible improvement on the IDE?, when the program grows , e.g. >1000 lines or a lot of nested functions, is quite hard to navigate through it, what about interactive navigation?
    It could be perfect to be able to use also a kind of project with different files, for organising libraries of functions.

    Has someone used any improvement in that sense? Any suggestions? Could I use a generic IDE and then exporting to Workshop?

    Best regards

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    I'm not quite sure what you mean, can you give some examples? (I'm not very familiar with Eclipse, the only time I used it I felt Workshop was better and had quite a few more features, so I really need to understand what you are trying to say)

    Have you used bookmarks?

    Have you split up the code into parts and used #inherit?

    You could use eclipse and flip back into workshop after a save, or use the command line compiler and setup eclipse to 'understand' it (I do think one eclipse worshiper has done this)

    Of course that gets a bit complicated with ViSi programs, as Eclipse cannot be told how to build the GCIs, etc.


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      Thanks Mark.
      It seems that I still ignore some capabilities of workshop.
      Is there any document explaining how to create .inc and .fnc and use them? Also the bookmarks?


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        Hello Rafa,

        You can read more about the #include pre processor directive in the 4DGL programmers reference manual.

        These application notes might also help you understand how to generate and use '.inc' and '.fnc' files:

        General 4DGL Colour CONSTANTS

        ViSi Keyboard

        You may also use the pre-existing '.fnc' and '.inc' files as a reference when generating your own.

        Those are usually located here C:\Program Files (x86)\4D Labs\4D Workshop 4 IDE\INCLUDE.

        For the Bookmarks, you may refer to the photo below:

        Click image for larger version

Name:	Guide.PNG
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Size:	105.1 KB
ID:	67722

        At the top of your project window you will find the bookmarks section (1). In there, there are 4 buttons; Clear all, next, prev, and set.

        You can use the 'set' button to generate a bookmark, if a book mark is successfully generated, tiny green markers will appear at specific lines where they were generated (2).

        You can use the next and prev buttons to navigate through the bookmarks.

        Clear all will delete all of the generated bookmarks.

        I hope this helps.

        Best regards,