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Latest version of PmmC for uOLED-128-G1?

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  • Latest version of PmmC for uOLED-128-G1?

    I have just bought a uOLED-128-G1 to evaluate for a new project.
    Having queried the version of the display I get:-

    X-REs: 128
    Y-Res: 128

    Hardware Rev: 10
    Software Rev: 10

    PmmC Rev: 0

    I noticed that you have a Rev1 PmmC on your website under

    I downloaded your PmmCLoader from

    and uploaded the new PmmC to the device - all appeared to upload succesfully.

    However when I query the version of the device again it still shows PmmC Rev: 0

    So my question is which is correct?
    Is the PmmCLoader correct in saying that the display is successfully programmed OR is link to the PmmC file simply to a Rev0 image of the PmmC.

    Any help with this would be much appreciated.

    In case you are wondering, the reason I was trying to upgrade the SerialPmmC is because I cannot get all of the serial commands to work from the datasheet. In particular Rectangle and Text commands do not follow the syntax in the datasheet. Any help on this would be much appreciated, for example you should have some more examples of SerialPmmC commands somewhere.

    Thanks again.

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    For the PmmC, when the PmmCLoader reports success it just means it has flashed the device, thus it is right but has nothing to do with the firmware revision.

    For the image file, the link is correct. Since there is only one PmmC file for it, I believe PmmC Rev 0 and PmmC Rev 1 are just the same denomination. So nothing to worry about.

    Now, could you please detail what is wrong with the commands you mentioned ?

    Which software do you use to send the commands to the module ?

    In the datasheet, most commands do have one or more examples after the command description.



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      Thanks for the reply.

      I have now established that some of my problems were down to the Serial utility I was using to issue commands to the display.

      As for your comment about PmmC rev 0 and rev 1, my UK distributor thinks I should have rev 1 but the module definately states rev 0. Are you saying there are no differences between rev 0 and rev 1?

      Many thanks in advance.


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        There is obviously only one version available, but programmers start to count from 0 and non-programmers generally start from 1.

        That could cause some confusion

        My module reports rev 0 as well so no need to worry.