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LCD Looping Video Project

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  • michael_4D

    Welcome to the forum.

    Do you have a specific display in mind? would you like to use a host MCU to implement this?

    Please note that depending on those two factors, the implementation of this might differ a little bit.

    Nonetheless, I've attached a sample program that does this (

    The program is made for a gen4-uLCD-24PT. The display acts as a stand-alone device, no host MCU.

    You may read the comments to be guided further.

    The basic concept is to show each frame of the video, with a certain delay in between each frame.

    Additionally, this application note might also help.

    ViSi Displaying Images from the uSD Card - WYSIWYG FAT16

    If you have other questions on how to get started with our displays, you may consult our application notes.

    Application Notes

    You may find more information about the gen4-uLCD-24PT on its product page.


    Best regards,
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    started a topic LCD Looping Video Project

    LCD Looping Video Project

    I am working on a project that requires a small LCD to loop a short video clip (no sound, about 15 seconds). I've not done anything like this before and wanted to know how hard this would be to accomplish, and what equipment I'd need. I know the LCD screen I need will be about 2" diagonal, but I assume I'll need some sort of circuitboard, and some coding.

    My goal would be to power the LCD screen with a microUSB cable that connects to one of those power packs meant for recharging smartphones on the go.

    Can anyone here give me an idea what I'd need, and how difficult of a project I am looking at. I have some coding knowledge, but I've not done coding in about a decade (Cobol, Javascript, and HTML), and have never used raspberry pi, etc.

    Any help/insight would be appreciated.