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Serial works Workshop4 terminal but doesnt work on Putty

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  • Serial works Workshop4 terminal but doesnt work on Putty

    Hi people,

    I'm facing some problems regarding the serial communication with the Gen4-uLCD-32DT module.
    I can interface it with the computer using the terminal at 115200 from the workshop 4 tools (both directions), but it does not work with putty and other devices (such as the microcontroller it is suppose to interact with). I have run out of ideas on what to try here. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Could you please explain more about how you're communicating with the display via putty?

    based on these posts, I don't think you can send hex data from a putty session:

    How do I transmit a single hexadecimal value serial data in PuTTY using an Alt code?

    How to type/send hex on a PuTTY session

    To try and simulate your issue on my end, I've set up a simple ViSi Genie program.

    As you've stated, I can send hex bytes via the serial terminal of the Workshop4 IDE and the display responds accordingly.

    I then used realterm to try and send hex bytes to the display and it seemed to have worked as well.

    Can you give more information about your project?

    What microcontroller are you trying to use?

    This application note might provide additional information as well.

    Serial Connection to an Arduino Host

    Best regards,


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      Hi Michael,

      after some debugging with realterm that you mentioned I found that the code was being sent by the uC using something else than putc(). We figured that by sending with putc() we can get the job done. Thanks a lot.