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  • What is actually shipped?

    I saw your ìUSB-CE5 on where the picture showed a black 5-pin connector soldered in. But in your text you said, "Standard 0.1” pitch 5 pin female or male header can be soldered to provide the essential signals and power to any application." The key being CAN SOLDER, as in not included. Which is it?

    Then for the ìUSB-MB5, the large picture doesn't show a connector soldered on, but the alternate picture does. The text doesn't indicate one way or the other either.

    I just needed to know whether I'll need to find the right connector to solder on or to put at the end of a cable that I might solder on, or if the connector is already there.

    Lastly, if the connector is attached, can I connect it directly to a uOLED-32024-PMD3, or must a cable with Tx and Rx twisted go in between them?

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    All headers and connectors are soldered at the factory. Previously the connectors were supplied loose for the user to solder but not everyone was able or wanted to use a soldering iron, so now all connectors are attached and soldered.
    The uUSB-MB5 and the uUSB-CE5 female headers mate directly with any 4D module that uses a 5 pin header interface, including all of the display modules.

    Hope this helps......


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      Yes, that helped immensely! Only thing left I wonder then, is if I put a 5 volt power supply on the appropriate expnsion port pins on a uOLED-32024-PMDT, will it affect anything about my connection to a PC? I did notice on the schematic in the User's Manual that there is a diode that looks like it would be reverse biased if I did, which is good. But I want to make sure that there are no other surprises that I wasn't aware of.

      And, temporarily, could I run the module off of the USB port until I make a 5v supply board? (as long as I don't use a white screen to up the current real high?)

      And thanks again!
      "I dream the impossible, for if I do not, it will remain that way" - Mitchell Day 12/2007