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Cannot find file specified opening com port

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  • Cannot find file specified opening com port

    what causes a red comm port? Gen4-uLCD-70D connected to Arduino MEGA. I downloaded a new program to the display via a micro SD from Workshop4 Visi Genie without issues a couple weeks ago, now I'm getting a "Red" Comm 6 error in file path and cannot 'build n load'. All help would be greatly appreciated.
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    From your topic title it would mean that the com port doesn't exist. Are you sure it is plugged in and that you are using a proper USB cable (Some are Power only). Try the drop down to see if the Com port has moved. Then try Device manager to see what the status looks like in there.

    I don't understand "a "Red" Comm 6 error in file path".

    You mean the traffic light is RED underneath the com port name in the Comms Tab?

    If the status message says something like 'Error in file path', then this is unheard of for a Com device. If you get this check the com port in Device Manager


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      Yes, the light is red. This is what I see.

      Click image for larger version

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        So what about the first sentence from my post above?


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          With the display connected, I get an additional port, #5. With #5 port the display powers up and displays it's system details. What should I see in the device manager? Do you have any advice for an Admin controlled work computer?

          I've only been shown to update it via the SD card. It's weird because just a couple weeks ago, I updated the display uSD without any issues, now trying to duplicate the same successful steps I took earlier with VisiGenie, the program doesn't compile and fails due to too many errors. And the red light comm won't go away. I have created a new project using the Visi Genie program, the results are the same.


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            Do you mean that with COM 5 the traffic light is blue? If yes, then that is the COM Port for your display and you can proceed to build n load with that COM Port.
            If it still lights red, then can you try other USB Ports? Have you tried using other computer if it is working?

            Also, can you attach a clear photo of your setup?

            Best Regards,


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              A faulty 30 pin wire was the reason for the "Red Light". It appears to have received damage due to handling or installation.

              Thank you for your time and talents, getmanguy1.