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    Hi everyone,

    I'll actually have 2 different programs into my memory card (Portrait mode interface and Landscape Mode interface), but I want to leave the choice to the user selecting the interface language (French or English).

    I looked on the forum and someone have 2 different programs for his two different languages (

    I want to know if I have the possibility to change language (with a button or config file for example) without having 2 differents programs (French interface and English interface) or I going to have 4 programs into my card (French portrait / English portrait & French landscape / English landscape) ?

    Ps: I'm using Visi-Genie environment Diablo16 on gen4-uLCD-28DT. (I'm using Visi-Genie because it's easier and faster for graphical interface)

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    If you only had your text in string objects, you could have an English version and a French version and then use 'PostGenieInit' Magic code point to determine the language and open the correct .txf file (after closing the 'other' one).

    If you have text on buttons, you will need to change them to user buttons and use the 'blocked user button' functionality.

    For portrait and landscape, you might also be able to do that in 'PostGenieInit' if you only need to move objects around to flip between portrait and landscape. Actually you might be able to do it even if some objects need resizing, but that will need a little help from your controller.

    I think that could be achieved by setting up two different objects and ensure the unused one is disabled in 'PreActivateForm', and the used one is enabled, might need a bit more there, perhaps in 'PostActivateForm' as well. The controller only writes to the activated one, actually, if disabled properly, the host might be always able to write to both and only the enabled one will be 'drawn'.