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    Hello i am new With a 4d hmi, i would like to assign to button a serial Commander output, so that i can read the comand and use It with a microcontrollers.
    also Is possibile to read the tx output of display with a terminal??
    Thank you carmine

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    Hello Carmine,

    Welcome to the forum.

    May I know what Workshop4 environment you plan to use?

    As you may know, the Workshop4 IDE has 4 Environments; Designer, ViSi, Serial and ViSi-Genie.

    Serial and ViSi-Genie are both host dependent platforms, they are designed to interact with a host microcontroller.

    In a nutshell, ViSi-Genie is more beginner friendly however, it could be a bit restricting.

    The Serial environment, on the other hand, may require a bit more skill but it gives you more freedom as to what you can do with your display.

    Is possible to read the tx output of display with a terminal??
    If you're using ViSi-Genie, this can easily be done with the Genie test Executor (GTX).

    This Application Note might provide more Clarity.

    ViSi-Genie onChanging and onChanged Events

    I hope this helps.

    Best regards.


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      Thank you Michael, yes i Will use visi genie, in case i want to directly output my serial uart comands, wich environment and wich program language i should use? I know c++
      the display i am using is ; gen4-mlcd-24dt.
      I Just Need set up 3 button switch and a slider .
      ​​​​thank you carmine


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        Hi Carmine,

        May I know why you want to see the actual data that is coming out of your display?

        As described on the application note that I previously linked, you can monitor the data output stream of your display with the GTX.

        If your using ViSi Genie, this data stream follows a certain pattern which is the Genie standard protocol.

        You may find more information about that on the ViSi-Genie User guide.

        ViSi-Genie User guide

        The job of the host controller is to interpret the data, this is handled by the genieArduino Library.

        in casei want to directly output my serial uart comands, wich environment and wich program language i should use?
        This would be dependent on your host controller, but the concept should be the same.

        In Arduino for example, you can achieve this by printing the data received from the display to Arduino's Serial Monitor.

        I hope this helps.


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          Thank you for your patience,
          yes i can interpretate te data out from LCD to Arduino, and then i can put my serial comands.
          But if i want avoid host, directly from the Diablo microconttoller putting my own serial comand( Eg; if i Press this button cout "do this").which environment i should use? Just visie?


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            Hello Carmine,

            In ViSi Genie, the display on its own already outputs a certain data stream every time you move a widget (e.g. when a button is pressed or when a slider is moved).

            As previously mentioned, this data stream follows the genie standard protocol.

            If you want to control the data that comes out of your display, you might be better off with ViSi or designer.

            This application note may provide additional insights:

            ViSi Data Loop Back Testing of Serial Hardware

            I hope this helps.

            Best regards,