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Why I don't see the GUI ?

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  • Why I don't see the GUI ?

    I run into a very strange issue. I can see the GUI image on the display (70DT) when I connect it to my computer via USB. But when I connect the devise though a 3 pin serial connector, I only see the start up text messages and I don't see the GUI rendered. Any one has some insight into this issue? Thanks

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    Did you load the program in the flash memory? Or in RAM?


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      Hi Michael, I did both. The program set up will use Flash by default. But I have been compile and download to both Flash and Ram to make sure I cover both. Thanks.


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        Also workshop always shows a message about Flash write every time I open the visi file. The message is: .... (Path to my 4dvisi file) has Default Desitmation of FLASh. Flash write c ycles will be impacted. I have to click OK to close the msg and proceed on the workshop task. Do you know what does this msg mean? Thanks.


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          Hi Jojo,

          If you must know, the difference between Flash and RAM is that the former is non-volatile,
          which means when you power off your Display Module, the program will not be erased, while
          the latter is volatile, meaning the program you stored on RAM will be erased once you power
          down your device.

          You may change the default storage at the Workshop4, when you click at the "Project" menu.
          I highly suggest changing it to RAM temporarily while testing the code and then change
          it back once you have the final version of your program ready.

          The reason why you're getting the warning "Flash write cycles will be impacted" is because
          Flash memory will usually wear out when writing and overwriting many times, hence
          my suggestion, changing the default program destination to RAM temporarily.

          For further explanation, please check this application note:
          General Downloading an Application Program to FLASH or RAM

          Hope this helps and best regards,