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Designing numeric output

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  • sherwin4D
    Hi Brian,

    Using String text field, you can store pre-defined text on it as a list. It doesn't have any fancy animation
    but it should get the job done. For more information on that, please check this appnote: ViSi-Genie
    Labels, Text and Strings

    You could also use a Slider widget to simulate a scroll wheel for your String text field. That is, each value
    of the slider has a corresponding value of text to print on your Strings widget.

    However, if you prefer some kind of animation like a scroll wheel, you may check this thread on how
    to do just that. Please take note that this method uses the Designer Environment.

    I hopes this helps.

    Good luck and best regards,

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  • bpeavey
    Thanks for the info Sherwin! I played with the keyboard widget, and it works good. I have a follow-up question as I'm learning more about our display requirements.
    We need to support a list of numbers (maybe 12), with 3 of them displayed as in a scroll wheel. The idea is you can swipe the list up or down to get to the other currently non-displayed values. Is this something 4D systems supports?

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  • sherwin4D

    Welcome to the forum!

    I noticed you are using Fancy Button widget as your numeric input which is
    one way to accomplish your task. But you may also use the Keyboard widget as numeric
    keypad if you want.

    For more information on how to customize a keyboard widget, please have a look at
    this appnote: ViSi-Genie Customised Keyboard

    I experimented with the items in the Digits tab, but none seemed suitable.
    What is the best way to display the numbers entered on the keys?
    The best way would be the method which is more suited to what you need on your project.
    The simplest way I can recommend is to continue using Strings text box to display
    the numbers entered on the keys. Please check this appnote which is very much
    similar to what you intend to do: Visi-Genie Password Implementation with an Arduino Host

    You can change String text box's property if you care about the aesthetic feel of the
    displayed number.

    I hope this helps you with your project.

    Best regards,

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  • bpeavey
    started a topic Designing numeric output

    Designing numeric output

    I'm evaluating using the uLCD-43DT for a new product. I need to have a numeric keypad, Decimal Point, Delete and Enter keys, along with a display of the entered number. The display should handle a number up to 999.999. I am able to design the keys fine, but am having problems designing a text box of some sort to display the numbers entered. I've attached a screenshot of what I have so far. I experimented with the items in the Digits tab, but none seemed suitable. What is the best way to display the numbers entered on the keys?
    Thanks...Click image for larger version

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