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    I'm finishing a device using the 70DT. The bezels look good but trying to mount these, but the screws are way too short. The displays themselves only have the 4 framed out holes. These are (structurally) the best place to mount from. I'm mounting them vertically, so the display will lay flat on the forward face of the device (a cube effectively). Some set of secondary mounting holes put the bezel and display housing together would be nice. I now have to go buy longer m2 screws and put them in from the back. They will use a washer, go through the polymer housing, display hole, then bezel female threaded hole. Overall I think these displays have a lot of potential. My final project, looks pretty good on the gui side. If I'm just crazy, someone let me know. I've built cabinets for a while, I'm not a novice at this.


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    Hi krisb

    Are you able to provide a picture to illustrate what you are saying?
    The display mounts to the bezel with the M2 screws, and then the bezel clips to the enclosure with the spring clips (which are held by M2 screws).
    I cannot visualise what you are saying and how the screws are too short, so if you can provide a picture that would be a big help.
    Also what thickness panel are you using?

    Glad to hear though that your GUI side of things is going well.