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MOTG-WiFi-ESP AT command set files - where are they?

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  • MOTG-WiFi-ESP AT command set files - where are they?

    Before trying to flash my brand new MOTG-WiFis with custom firmware I'd like to confirm I can recover the existing functionality or something close to it. AT ver 1.3.0 built on sdk 2.0.0, according to AT+GMR is now on the modules.

    The data sheet at §1.6 says to download the binaries "from the MOTG-WiFi-ESP product page on the 4D Systems website." The product page at doesn't seem to have a link to the archive containing the original code (boot_v1.6.bin,, esp_init_data_default.bin, blank.bin, or blaink1mb.bin) . I suppose this isn't the correct product page.

    Does anyone know the correct product page or where I can find the zip with these binaries, or an equivalent? The SDKs at espressif seem sufficient to get me up and building from source once I can prove my environment can flash these nice modules to a known functional state.

    TIA Howard, Florida, USA

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    Hello and welcome to the forum,

    Yes tit is possible to put the AT Command set back into the MOTG-WiFi module. The AT command set is available from espressif and information about the flash tool can be found on page 8 of this espressif document and the coresponding links

    and the AT binaries

    The MOTG-WiFi can be programmed with the Arduino IDE using the ESP8266 core and gives you the ability to customize the module without the need for passing large strings of data back and forth, just the data you want or the ESP8266 can become the attached host controlling the display.

    So it is perfectly fine to experiment and the MOTG-WiFi can be restored back to it's AT-Command state.

    I hope this helps



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      Paul, thanks for the gracious welcome and pointers to exactly what I'm looking for.

      Another question if you don't mind, I'm not certain which configuration I have in the MOTG-WIFI module .; Is it 1024+1024 ? 512+512? I don't think I have properly parsed the datasheet (or I may not have the proper datasheet) for the module. Pardon my ignorance and thanks in advance

      Best Regards, Howard
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