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Layout of objects on display not mach IDE layout

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  • Layout of objects on display not mach IDE layout

    Hi All,
    I'm working on a graphic interface for a machine with uLcd 70DT in Visi genie and drived via serial by an Atmega2560, i'm actually on frame0 but it is quite full of objects, at a certain point of the development the graphic object start to appear different from what I see on the IDE and after uploading the project on the display, some Gauge are in different positions , other that are set to be vertical are horizontal on the screen or with different width... I try save.. restart.. renumbering.. copy and past again. check for hidden object. but nothing changed.. random positions on screen and random properties. Is there some magic trick to not reset all the project and set everything again ?
    The IDE during compile did not show any kind of error.
    Click image for larger version

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    This is what I get on the display side.Click image for larger version

Name:	20190604_070311.jpg
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      Apologies for the trouble you're experiencing right now. This could be some
      quirks caused by compiling and recompiling of the objects. Or, perhaps you weren't able to
      recompile your project properly.
      Is there some magic trick to not reset all the project and set everything again?
      Yes, of course, but before you attempt to do this, please make sure to create a backup
      of your ViSi Genie project first. To set everything again, you could manually delete these following files:
      Click image for larger version

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      As long as you have the *.4DGenie file and your custom images(if any) it should be
      fine. You may try to recompile your project to regenerate your *.dat and *.gci files back.
      After that, please try to manually delete the graphics files on your micro SD card as well
      and transfer/copy the newly generated *.dat and *.gci onto your SD card.

      Or simply, you could just press SHIFT+F9 to recompile and regenerate your graphics files, select
      the drive letter of your SD card reader, then press OK to copy files into your micro SD.

      If this doesn't solve the issue, you may upload your project file here so we can
      take a look and troubleshoot the issue further.

      Best regards,


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        HI, I found the problem, I tried your procedure but without success, deleting compiled files from the pc and from sd card produce the same behavoiur. Then I try to understand why some object are ok and other are with random properties and I discover that if you set a gauge with min value > max value instead of set TopRight properties ( ie. to set the gauge to fill from top to bottom) this set will not generate an error during compiling but cause random problem even at near objects like the led digit . after set up all the gauge correctly the graphic is now perfect.


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          Great! Glad you managed to resolve the issue on your own.

          Thanks for sharing the solution to your problem as well, others might find
          it helpful if ever they encounter the same issue.

          Best regards,