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Hardware needed for a home thermostat

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  • Hardware needed for a home thermostat

    Hello everyone.
    I would like design a home thermostat using an gen4-uLCD-32DCT-CLB display module.
    It must include three ambient sensors like temperature, humidity and CO2, one WiFi module and it should be able to communicate with another device by a custom protocol (N2Open) via RS-485.
    Is it necessary to add a host microcontroller to the design or can Diablo16 processor do for me?
    What would be the first step to start the project?

    Below attached I show you the project approach
    Thank you very much.
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    Sorry for the delay in response.

    Assuming that your sensors are giving out analog 0-3.3v outputs and you'll be communicating with the WiFi Module and the RS-485 module serially, the gen4-uLCD-32DCT-CLB should be able to handle all of this.

    However, to ensure that all these devices are getting enough power, you might need a separate power supply for some of them.

    Additionally, I'm not really familiar with N2Open protocol, however, these links might help you on RS-485 Communication.

    4D Makers - DMX Controller

    10 Volt RS-485 to Display

    These application notes might help you get started.

    ViSi Getting Started - First Project for Picaso and Diablo16

    Custom RS-485 Communication Protocol

    Designer or ViSi Analogue Input

    I hope this was helpful.

    Best regards,


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      Hi Michael.
      Thanks for the reply.
      I think I'll finally choose to use a host, since the treatment of analog inputs + rs485 + wifi + project Visi Genie for the Diablo16 seems too complicated for me.
      However, I have a small problem. Should I need a host with at least two serial lines? One to communicate with the Display and another for my device. Can I use the spi bus to communicate my host with the display? This way I could use an ATMega328P (Arduino Uno) with only one serial line.
      Thanks for your help.


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        Sorry for the delay in response.

        The specification of your host would depend on how you would like to manage the traffic between your devices. As you may know, the gen4-uLCD-32DCT is capable of supporting three Hardware serial lines.

        You may find more information about this on the display's Datasheet.

        gen4-uLCD-32D Series

        Can I use the spi bus to communicate my host with the display?
        Yes, however, please note that the SPI on a Diablo16 is master mode only.

        These forum threads might help.

        SPI connection

        SSI Interface

        Best regards,