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  • Upload SPE from Linux

    We use gen4-uLCD-24D in our product to display some technical data.
    The product is based on Linux SOM, the display connected to one of the serial interface.
    One of requirements was to display our logo after power on. After long searching I've found a way:
    - I've changed the $USER\Public\Documents\4D Labs\4DUpdates\Utils\ to the following:

    img_Show(file_LoadImageControl("Logo.dat", "Logo.gci", 1), 0);

    - Then I click on "Load SPE" button in Workshop4/Serial button and so it works as expected after reboot.

    Now I have to do the same from out Linux as one of initialization step. How can I do that?
    P.S. I can't remove the display from the construction, connect it to the Windows PC to upload the SPE app and then install it back

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    If I am correct, changing the .inc file enables you to load the logo on the display
    but you want to display the logo after the device (product) has booted?

    You can set the contrast to '0' on the .inc file,

    and then after the device has successfully booted, send a command to change the contrast to '10'.

    Best Regards,


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      Hi, I have no problem to display the logo.
      My problem is to burn SPE + custom .inc from Linux box. In out product the display connected to Linux SOM. I can't access the display from Windows.


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        After clicking the 'SPE Load', the SPE program is now loaded into the display (.inc file that you
        modified) and even after reboot or power cycle, the program is still there unless you load again another program.

        To communicate with the display, you need to send a command from the host - which in this case is your device.
        If you need example code on how to send commands from the host to display, you can check this application note: Serial Connection to an Arduino Host

        By setting the contrast to '0' on the .inc file, you are turning off the screen on the display.
        After your device booted, you can now send a command to turn on the screen (e.g. contrast = '10')

        For the serial commands that you can use, you can refer to this datasheet:

        If you still have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
        I hope this helps.

        Best Regards,


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          Hi John, thanks for the answer.
          I have no problem neither with uploading SPE nor with communication with the display through serial connection.
          We use the display in out product, in simple words it is Linux box with the connected display. To show the logo I have to 'SPE Load' with modified .inc file from Workshop app.
          But I can't connect the display to some Windows based PC. Only Linux and display connected to it!
          So my answer - how can I upload SPE application from a Linux? I have no idea how to change the logo in some another way.


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            Thank you for clearing things up.
            If you want to load the program into your Linux-based machine, how about using a Virtual Machine and do install the Workshop4?

            However, if you want, you can also file a support ticket to process your request which requires you to sign an NDA.
            Here is the link for the ticket:

            I hope this helps.
            Best Regards,