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  • Analog or digital clock

    Hello everybody.
    Is there any way to create an analog or virtual clock in a visie genie environment?
    Thank you

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    You could use the Video widget and use a ready made GIF of an analog clock. I did a quick search on google and there were a few GIFs that could be used. This would be one single image set containing enough frames for hours x minutes. The overall size would depend on how smooth the movement was.

    This appnote will help in how to create a video widget.

    Alternatively you could create each frame in a good paint package and then load these frames into a UserImages widget.

    If you have the Pro version of Workshop 4 you could use the SmartGauge widget which would allow you to build an analog clock using a base image and single images for the hands and rotate them in a clock fashion. There is an example of a watch you can try which demonstrates the clock feature. If you don't have Pro, you can activate the trial by clicking on Options and then the License Tab.

    If you have a host attached, it may be easier to create a digital clock using 2 LED Digits or 3 if you need seconds and the host could control Hours Digit, Minute Digit and Seconds Digit if needed. This appnote will help with using LED Digits

    I hope this helps

    Best regards



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      Just a quick question following on from the guys question above on this.

      How do you actually control the smartgauge clock. Are there any demos/wiki's etc to help me. I have pro, & I'm trying to use the HMS Watch 281.4Dsmart but not sure how to control this from a Controllino? I'm programming through the Visuino software which just gives me 1 input, not 3 for each different hand