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Text size in static text and strings

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  • Text size in static text and strings


    I'm designing a form in a Visi Genie project for a Gen4 display. I've added a static text object using Tahoma font, size 10. If I add a string object and use the string editor to set the same font and size, this new string is much smaller than the static one, as shown below. Shouldn't they be the same size?

    I've not downloaded the project to the display itself to confirm this yet, but I'd expect the workshop to be consistent.
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    Indeed the size of the static text and the string are not similar.

    Put simply, this is because those two objects are entirely different from one another.

    The Static text is rendered as an image while the string is taken from a font file.

    To get their size as close to each other as possible, you could try to set the size of the string object to match the height of the static text.
    Click image for larger version

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    I hope this was helpful.

    Bes regards,


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      OK thanks Michael, though I have to say this is pretty poor design.


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        Actually it's a bug, but it's been there since the first release of Genie.

        In the strings object the size is actually the 'height' of the font, so the strings object font size is smaller than the static text font size.

        We will fix this in a future release, somehow without breaking all the existing projects out there.


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          Any update on this? This is really annoying and makes the string messages useless. Not only the TTF renders in the wrong size but it also does not look as smooth as expected.

          E.g. I need to put a string besides a button that says "ON" and "OFF" in a specific font. How can this be achieved?