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uLCD-70DT-AR Head-Up-Display

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  • uLCD-70DT-AR Head-Up-Display

    Dear all,

    im currently working on an Arduino-Project, where I want to display some Values via the uLCD, but as a Head-Up-Display. Therefore I need to flip/mirror all the values. I´m currently working with the Visi-Genie.

    Is there any chance to do such operations on the screen?

    Many Thanks

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    Hi Jonas,

    Welcome to the forum!

    If you're using ViSi Genie on the free version of the Workshop4 IDE, I'm not sure if there is a way to do this other than to generate customized images that looked flipped.

    To describe this in more detail, if you want a flipped gauge, you can create a GIF of a flipped gauge and store it in a video or User image widget.

    You can then write to that widget as you would with a regular gauge.

    Another suggestion would be to use ViSi instead. In ViSi, you may use this snippet to mirror/flip your display.

    disp_WriteControl(SSD1963_SET_ADDRESS_MODE);  // write a control byte to the display
    disp_WriteWord(0x000A);     // write a word to the display
    In my case, disp_WriteWord(0x0009) flips the display vertically and disp_WriteWord(0x000A) flips the display horizontally.

    You may find more information about this on the Diablo16 Internal functions Reference Manual.

    Diablo16 Internal functions Reference Manual

    The uLCD-70DT uses the SSD1963 LCD Display Controller, you may also check its datasheet for further reference.


    This is also achievable with ViSi-Genie through the use of Magic codes, however, that would require a PRO License.

    If you are interested in using Magic Codes, this application Note might be helpful.

    ViSi-Genie Magic Code Insertion Points

    I hope this was helpful.

    Best regards,


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      Hi Michael,

      many thanks for the answer! I purchased the PRO-Licence and inserted the Magic-Code, it works perfect!
      Best regards


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        Hi Jonas,

        Glaid it Worked!