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    So my for next project I want to make a display from the centrifuge in the 2001 Space Odyssey movie. I need to have a display of 1.5 inches square. I used the u96 for my first project but these screens are too small.I looked at the 1.5 inch screens but the display area is still too small.I was looking at the 2.4 inch screens, but i cant find info on the size of the actually display area.Is there a place where I can find out the actual visual display size for the different screens or can you recommend a screen that I could use that has a 1.5 inch square visual display area


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    Hi Carl,

    For the project that you've described, I understand that you might have already considered uLCD-144-G2 and uOLED-160-G2.



    If you're concerned about the Active Area of the display, you may check the datasheet of these items for their mechnical dimensions.

    The Datasheets could be found on the 'Downloads' Section of their respective product pages.

    If these doesn't match you specifications, you may check out other displays on our website.

    4D Systems Intelligent Display Modules

    Good luck on your project.

    Best regards,