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gen4-IoD-32T comm port problem and programming

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  • gen4-IoD-32T comm port problem and programming

    My gen4-IoD-32T panels have been delivered yesterday and I have problem with the communication issues. I have followed the procedure of installation as suggested in the manuals. (installing software, driver, libraries and ... ).
    But as I open the software on the "comm" tab it shows " Device is not responsing". I understood from the other topics that this is a common problem for IoD panel series. Is there any chance to update the software and solve this issue?
    furthermore I want to use this panel for showing the data coming from an other ESP32 module via wifi connection. is there any manual showing the step by step programming procedure? is there any chance of using some prepaid codes and is there any source, as I thought this panel does not need any programming and showing widgets would be easy as is described on the product features!!

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    Welcome to the forum,

    The "Device is not responding" is normal behaviour for the IoD series as it is an Arduino type device and Workshop uses the Arduino IDE to compile and flash your code. The comms checking routine is used on our other range of displays so only the com port selection is necessary for the IoD range of displays.

    Recent versions of the Arduino IDE tend to take a bit longer to compile and as a result you may get a comms error when doing a Compile 'n' Load. I have attached a registry fix that you can just unzip and then double click which will extend the compile time.

    With the IoD being Arduino based, you should be able to find a vast amount of information about communicating over WiFi to a ESP32 device. If the ESP32 is using the Arduino core then the code for Wifi communication from the IoD to the ESP32 should be similar. This link may help,

    There will also be some Wifi examples in the Arduino IDE. UDP is a simple transmission method between 2 ESP8266, Click on File, Examples, ESP8266WiFi, UDP

    I hope this helps

    Best regards

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      Dear Paul,
      Thanks for your quick response.
      I understood the issue with "comm" problem.
      now I want to put a gauge widget on the display. I choose it from the "widgets tab" and drag it to the display on the left side of software. then I press "paste static code". then I press on "comp load". the software asks for a uSD drive. Is this drive the SD card which is needed for display? should I insert the SD card of display in the laptop card reader and choose it? (I did this) . and I get this error on the compiling section: NoName1:1:3: error: 'gfx' does not name a type.
      Is it possible to you to send me a sample code for adding a simple widget on display? what should I do to solve the mentioned error?


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        It looks like the GFX4d library isn't installed. If it hasn't been installed you can download it from here

        There are some examples in the library that you can use in the Arduino IDE which you can find by clicking on File, Examples, GFX4d

        Best regards